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Fascination for Arabian Horses

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This weeks horse: KHEMOSABI [Aug. 11th, 2004|02:14 pm]
Fascination for Arabian Horses


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This weeks horse is KHEMOSABI

Foaled May 14, 1967

Khemosabi is one of the stallion with the most influence and fame in the today's American arabian breed. He has sired the unbelievable number of more than 320 Champions!

His Pedigree:

<table border="1">

( 1962, grey )


( 1937, grey )


( 1923, grey )

( 1913, grey )

( 1956, grey)

Ali Said

( 1940, grey )

( 1945, grey )

( 1958, bay )


( 1952, bay )


( 1942, bay )
Bint Sahara

( 1942, grey)

( 1950, bay )


( 1942, bay )

( 1944, bay )

Three of his maternal siblings:

(1965, by Regis)

(1972, by Amerigo)

(1973, by Amerigo)

Since there are so many offsprings by Khemosabi I have just randomly picked a few to show.

Able Khemo
(1975, + Mrang)

Abra Khadabra
(1990, + Ebony Dazzle)

Hawaiian Sunrise
(1990, + Fairymount Desertbelle)

(1993, + My Satin Doll)

Khornerstone KPM
(1992, + Shantu)

TA Khedannaa
(1993, + Gdannaa)

Khartoon Khlassic
(1986, + Fantasstic)

(1991, + Gazaraff)

RSD Khaptivation
(1985, + Gaycarcona)

(1975, + Rhodanna)

Pavane V
(1978, + Baychatka)

Mmkauza Khomotion
(1995, + Camelia)

A bit of his showrecord:

1973 US National Champion Halter Stallion

1976 Canadian National Champion Halter Stallion

1976 US National Champion Western Pleasure

1976 Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure

1993 Legion of Masters.

Your task:
Post everything you know about Khemosabi!
If you own or know horses with Khemosabi in their pedigree, post them!
Post his offspring! Or sibling or other information! Just everything!

[User Picture]From: minimorr
2004-08-13 12:47 pm (UTC)


I'm just going to drop a quick note about Salwa, the granddam of Amerigo;
She was imported to Sweden in 1961 where she left Salvia 1961 (by Comet) who left quite some foals here before being exported to the US in 1971. Salvia was born at Torne stud and sold to Blommeröd in 1968.

Salwa's progeny;
1952 chestnut stallion Salto by Bad Afas (Nowy Dwor)
1953 grey mare Salome by Abu Afas (Nowy Dwor; Janow 1962; France --> J. Shalom 1966)
1954 grey stallion Sangar by Ali Said (Nowy Dwor)
1956 grey mare Szarza by Ali Said (Nowy Dwor; US --> F. Mari 1960)
1957 grey stallion Saladin by Trypolis (Nowy Dwor)
1959 grey stallion Sedan by Comet (Nowy Dwor; Holland 1967)
1960 bay mare Salina by Comet (Nowy Dwor; Janow 1964; US --> E.J. Tweed 1967)

Salvia's progeny;
1965 bay colt Jasir II by Jager (deceased)
1966 grey colt Salem by Bilbao (at Torne Stud)
1967 bay colt Syrius by Ezekiel (at Torne Stud)
1968 bay filly Soraida by Ezekiel (at Torne Stud)
1969 bay colt Darsal by Dardir (to Möllebackens Stud [who bred *Aladdinn] in 1972)
1970 bay colt Saldar by Dardir (deceased)
1971 bay filly ... by Dardir (deceased)
1971 bred to *Cedr
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From: carebear10943
2004-08-26 11:53 am (UTC)
I work at a therapuetic riding stables in Snohomish, WA and we have one of Khemosabi's son's named Bubba. His conformation is kinda screwy, he's withers are lower than his hindquarters but he's got a beautiful head with the coolest ears. If you want to see a picture, you can go to the website www.equifriends.org and click on the link, Our Horses.

And a really nice looking Arabian is Proof, even if he does have a bit of a gut on him!!! He's got a gorgeous head and amazing conformation.
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[User Picture]From: czerdze
2004-08-26 11:59 pm (UTC)



That is interesting. I'd love to see him, even better would be if you could make an extra post for him and show him to the others, too.

Proof? Never heard of him. Would be great if you could him introduce to us.
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[User Picture]From: mirrorofagirl
2008-09-06 05:40 pm (UTC)
We are fortunate enough to own a son of Khemosabi out of a daughter of The Real McCoy. He's 27 years old and still fertile, standing at stud at our family farm in Georgia.

Khemosabi was an amazing horse, and all of his offspring whose owner's I've talked with shared similar belief that his personality is passed through. The best part of having a Khemosabi son is how amazingly gentle and loving he is. Looks come a close second. ;)

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