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My Beloved Gt Gold Legend [Aug. 25th, 2009|05:16 pm]
Fascination for Arabian Horses


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 Hello All,
It's a wonderful thing to see a group dedicated to the mystical Arabian!!!
I have recently lost my beloved gelding to a severe lameness that could not be controlled.. he was only 14!! I am so lost without my best friend I have no idea of which way I'm going! 
Any suggestions from ya'al may help.. I've never had to put any of my horses down.. but then again I've never luved any of them aas much as I did "Golden"there is something about this breed that is undescribable as I type I have chills running up and down my body! 
Ok that's enough for me, I'm late for work!!!
Enjoy your beautiful horses!
~In memory of Gt Gold Legend "Golden" ~ May he rest in peace
Sent from another Arabian lover~~ So touched my heart I had to add it:
I'm sorry to hear about your loss... I had to put my first mare down several years ago and had a very hard time with it, so I understand what you're going through. My only advice is this: it would be a loss to you and everything you learned from your horse to stop riding, so as hard as it is, get back out there and remember him by working with another horse. And here's this, in the meantime...
"If you bury him in this spot, the secret of which you must already have, he will come to you when you call- come to you over the far, dim pastures of death, and down the remembered paths to your side again. And though you ride other living horses through life, they shall not shy at him or resent his coming. For he is yours and he belongs there.
People may scoff at you, who see no lightest blade of grass bent by his footfall, who hear no nicker pitched too fine for insensitive ears. People who may never really love a horse. Smile at them then, for you shall know something that is hidden from them, and which is well worth knowing.
The one place to bury a horse is in the heart of his mistress.”

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[User Picture]From: socaligirl333
2009-08-26 04:21 am (UTC)


Thank You, for those beautiful words.. the touched my heart so deeply I could only weep, I know he is with me in spirit as he was always there even in life! Our spirits are forever connected.. What is the most difficult is missing his smell, so sweet..and the way he would breathe my breath and share his with me... He will always have my heart! As he grasped it from just watching his rear end walk by.. something told me he was mine!
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[User Picture]From: greenanimal
2009-08-26 03:46 am (UTC)
I'm sorry about Golden :(
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[User Picture]From: nightchild01
2009-08-26 04:40 am (UTC)
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