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Fascination for Arabian Horses

*To fly without wings*

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This is a community for lovers of arabian horses and it's breeds, like Anglo Arabian, Shagya Arabian and all mixes.

A very special kind of horses you will find in here is the 'Curly Arabian'. These are purebred arabians who have a wavy to strong curled coat. They are rather rare but not as much as you may think. The best thing about them is that they are horses for people who are allergic to horses.

This is Mohi el Dahab. He is one of these Curly Arabians. It's been because of him that I got so much hooked up with these unusual horses..

I am very interested in the breeding and history of arabian horses, so I will tell a lot about this, post pictures of famous horses, tell of their heritage and offsprings.

You are very welcome to do the same!

'This weeks horses':

Nazeer (July 21th 2004)
Moniet el Nefous (July 28th 2004)
Orashan (August 4th 2004)
Khemosabi (August 11th 2004)
Bey Shah (August 18 th 2004)
Aladdinn (August 25th 2004)

'This Months horses'
Bay-Abi (for September 2004)
Bask (for October 2004)
Muscat for November 2004)
Xenophonn and Samtyr for December 2004
Ansata ibn Halima for January and February 2005
Ansata Halim Shah for March 2005

Kubinec for September and October 2005

I hope for friendliness in this community that is made to post everything about arabian horses. Stallions, mares, foals, history, breeding, stories about them, expierences with them but also when you have problems with your horses.

Replies to every entry are welcome and will be answered! Doesn't matter how old the entry is.

Have a lot of fun here!

Yours czerdze

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